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This week our sound is 'or'. 


Below I have attached your new spelling lists and some activities you can complete! 


Have fun! smiley


An adjective is a word that describe something. 


Watch this video and play the game at the bottom to learn more about adjectives


Play the game below to help you understand adjectives. You have to read the sentences and pick the sentence that describes the picture correctly.




           A Monster Surprise


Read the story 'A Monster Surprise'.


Can you find any rhyming words?


Use the word mat below to help you write some sentences about the Monster using adjectives.


Why don't you get a picture of yourself and  write adjectives to describe yourself around the picture! 

I would love to see any work you do. Email it to me at


Feed the T-Rex

The T-Rex is very hungry. Your job is to feed the hungry T-Rex by reading the silly questions and answering 'Yes' or 'No'. 

You could use this game to help you practise your spellings by clicking on your sound for this week!


To access the game click on the above link. You will then be taken to a page which displays a number of games. You will need to click on the game called 'Tell a T-Rex'. It will look like this